citibank routing number

Citibank has different routing numbers in the different US states where the customers possess their accounts with this bank. The bank has many branches throughout the United States that have their unique routing numbers. Routing numbers that are also called ABA transit numbers consist of 9 digits. These numbers can be located on the bottom of the check (the first set) or other negotiable instruments that represent a bank where it was issued. A function of a routing number is to ensure sorting, bundling and a delivery of the physical checks to customer's account. As of 2004 routing numbers have been frequently used for transmission of digital checks. Any Citibank routing number is public information and can be disclosed to any interested person. Note, do not share your check number and bank account number info with people you barely know. Bank customers need to know Citibank routing number to transfer funds, to pay bills online and to make money deposits. Citibank also operates its unique routing numbers for money wire transfers. Citibank customers can check for Citibank routing number on the bottom of the check issued by Citibank certain branch. Routing numbers differ for branches located in various cities and states (For example: Brooklyn, Miami, Chicago, San Antonio and San Diego). Here are presented Citibank routing numbers for its branches in the US States of California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington D.C.
Definition of Routing Number

Routing number represents bank or financial institution as well as its branch where funds are to be transferred. A customer should know correct routing number of its financial institution and his account number in order to make transactions by the means of the clearing system. Currently the number of routing numbers used by the US banks and financial institutions is 26 895. Almost all financial institutions in the US have their unique routing number. If a financial institution has more than one such numbers, it can be due to a recent merger.